LEFT: Advei Ter-Oganyan: "I demand to remove my art from the Louvre!"


The Radical Abstractionism is the series of geometric abstractions with captions from the Russian Criminal Code. The series was created in 2004 by Avdei Ter-Oganyan as an attempt to address the real life situations, when public interpretation of innocuous artwork, detached from the&nbs ... Read more »

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LEFT: Avdei Ter-Oganyan. Radical Abstractionism N7. Caption: "This artwork appeals to forcibly change the constitutional system of the Russian Federation." RE: Article 280 Public Appeals for the Performance of Extremist Activity. Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.


The work N7 from the Radical Abstractionism series was ban ... Read more »

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The complete Radical Abstractionism series (2004) includes 14 prints. The idea of the caption for each work is based on a certain article from the Russian Criminal Code except for the work N3, which was created purely for "aesthetic pleasure." 

After Russian Federation arrested works from the series at customs based on its "criminal content," the artist proved the point that in today's world, virtually any artwork can be a subject of criminal investigation.

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2010 Counterpoint, Contemporary Russian Art — From the Icon to the Avant-Garde by way of the Museum, Musée du Louvre, Paris, France
2008 Traces du sacré Centre Pompidou, Paris, France
2006 Russia! S. Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao, Spain
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2005 Torino Triennale Tremusei, Turin, Italy
2004 Neutral, Projektzentrum für zeitgenössische Kunst, Dresden, Germany
2001 Le Fou Dedouble, Chateau d'Oiron, France
1997 3rd Biennale of Contemporary Art, Cetin, Montenegro
1996 Onzièmes Ateliers du Frac des Pays de la Loire, Carquefou, France
1995 Kunst im Verborgenen. Nonkonformisten Russland 1957-1995. Willhelm-Hack Museum, Ludwigshafen–am–Rhein; Documenta-Halle, Kassel, German
1994 Fluchtpunkt Moskaw, Ludwig Forum, Aachen

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Christian Keesee Collection, Oklahoma City Art Museum
Collezione Alberto Sandretti
State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow
State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg
National Center of Contemporary Art, Moscow
Museum of Fine Arts, Rostov-on-Don
Museum ART4.RU, Moscow
Yevgeny Nutovich Collection, Moscow

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